Unisto Green C-Ring

Maintaining the classiness of the reliable Unisto Elegance C-Rings but becoming green at the same time? Unisto did it!  

C-Ring Elegance Bio  

Unisto has provided qualitative and reliable Elegance C-Rings for many years already. Nevertheless, we focus on a constant and consecutive improvement of the existing product range to cover the requirements of our customers and environment. In order to support various brands to become more sustainable, we recently launched the Unisto C-Ring Elegance Bio. Based on our knowledge and experience in this area, we kept the proven metal core inside and focused on the surface. Our main goal was to eliminate the frowned upon PVC coating by a sustainable solution. Taking into consideration this main disadvantage of the standard Elegance C-Ring as well as our claim for a sustainable environment, we defined a 100% bio-based polymer coating powder on the basis of a renewable raw material, which is not eligible for food or feed production. The main advantages to highlight are surely the excellent chemical resistance which leads to a massively reduced scratch sensitivity as well as the easy processing which allows us to produce the Bio C-Rings in a very clean method without using any solvents and lacquering techniques. Additionally, the new coating also provides high and low temperature performance and a long-term durability for the use in different POS all around the world.